Once upon a time — a less complicated time — Dr symptom Popper’s videos were simply that — pimples being popped, blackheads being banished and also the occasional cyst being sliced.

But as our competency for the gross clips have escalated, thus too has the amount of horror; patients with lumps and bumps of all shapes and sizes square measure flattening Dr Sandra Lee’s door and that we simply cannot get enough.

Until now. Is that this enough? It’d simply be.

What you are near to see may be a neoplasm the dimensions of a capriciously massive cantaloupe melon being forcibly off from the rear of a man’s neck.

It does not take off cleanly, and it does not take off simply, however, it will take off… eventually.

“Initially I believed it perhaps, just maybe, would set out nearly whole,” Dr Lee wrote within the caption. “But it wasn’t meant to be — [there were] too several fibrous connections keeping it is connected to him.”

Just to essentially amp up your disgust levels, Dr Lee additional that, one month on, the patient will, once in a while, miss his self-grown “pillow.”

Can you hear that? It is the sound people spewing.

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